Last year, the World Financial Group-sponsored Ferbey 4, the “Kings of Canadian Curling”, played in and won the Casino Rama Skins game in Orilla, ON, and the team was invited back to defend their title.  However, this year featured a different lineup for our favorite curling rink as David Nedohin was sidelined with a back injury.  Filling in for David was Wayne Middaugh, the Victoria Harbour, ON skip – and he looked great in the WFG blue and yellow.

In a Skins Game, the teams compete for “skins” awarded with a victory in a particular end.  These skins were worth anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 during an eight end game.  If nobody wins the particular end, the skin carries over.  This could be advantageous to the rinks as some skins are worth more money than others. 

The Ferbey 4’s first match of the tournament was opposite Ontario’s Glenn Howard.  No skins were won in the first two ends, although Howard jumped to an early lead.  Then, in the sixth end, the WFG curling team won a $3,000 skin.  The match went into a carry-over, making the last two skins worth $11,000, which the Ferbey 4 won both – totaling $14,000 – and a spot in the final.

That final was opposite David Murdoch’s rink from Scotland.  Murdoch, the current world champ and UK Olympic representative, had all the marbles and closed the door on the Ferbey’s curling rink, winning the potential $37,000 payout.

Up next for the Ferbey 4 is the BDO Classic Canadian Open.  Keep reading here for the latest on our WFG-sponsored curling team.

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