These are exciting times for the World Financial Group-sponsored curling team, the Ferbey 4.  Randy Ferbey, Scott Pfeifer, Marcel Rocque and David Nedohin played in the Grey Power Player’s Championship held in Grand Prairie, AB.  The “Kings of Canadian Curling” are hoping to throw their way to an automatic berth in the “Roar For The Rings”, which will determine who will represent Canada at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.


Their first day of “round robin” action began on Wednesday, April 15.  Randy and the guys, who were placed in the “A Event”, faced fellow Edmonton resident Chris Schille early in the day.  The Ferbeys had the hammer and needed it all the way to the ninth end to win 6-5.  In fact, this match was so close no rocks were scored in the third end.


The WFG men in “the house” later faced the rink of Brad Gushue out of St. John’s, NL.  Once again, the Ferbey 4 had the hammer and took seven ends to throw a 6-3 victory.  Once again this match offered an end – the sixth – with no score.


The Ferbey 4 only had one match on Thursday, April 16, that was against cross town rival Kevin Martin and his rink.  Randy, David, Scott and Marcel last faced Kevin in the Canada Cup of Curling, where Kevin beat our guys in the finals.  However, this match saw the Ferbey 4 win 6-5 in eight ends thanks to the hammer and a three rock score in the first end.


With their 3-0 record in the “round robin”, the WFG-sponsored Ferbey curling team has qualified for the championship round, which took place on Saturday, April 18.  Their first opponent that day was the rink of fellow Edmonton resident Kevin Koe.  Randy and the guys had the hammer going in and, despite a very slow start (no rocks scored in the first or fourth end) our guys won 7-5 in eight ends.


That led to another match with Kevin Martin later that evening.  And this time, the men wearing those sporty World Financial Group shirts used the power of "the whoosh" (okay, they had the hammer) to slide to a 6-5 win.  In fact, David Nedohin had a 99% accuracy rate in this match.  Way to go, David!

The finals were played Sunday, April 19.  CBC Sports carried the event live as Randy, David, Scott and Marcel faced the rink of Glenn Howard of Coldwater, ON.  Howard made things interesting by keeping the score close throughout seven ends.  But in the eighth, David threw the final rock to take out Howard’s rocks for a three rock score and a 10-7 victory!

With this win, the WFG-sponsored Ferbey 4 earned an automatic berth in the 2010 Olympic Trails.  And the coverage in Canada has come from all over the place.  The CBC, which carried the semi finals and finals on TV, contributed this report (you will need to live in Canada to see the video).  National news website contributed a report.  And the Ferbeys hometown newspapers, the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun, had extensive coverage.

Let’s cheer on the Ferbey 4 as they next look to take it to the Olympic “house”!

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