The World Financial Group-sponsored Ferbey 4 spent their Canadian Thanksgiving weekend participating in the triple-elimination Westcoast Curling Classic (W.C.C.) in New Westminster, BC.  Also taking part in the competition were the men’s teams that are eligible for the “Roar of the Rings” and several teams hoping to qualify later this year.  

The curling action for Randy, David, Scott and Marcel started early Friday morning opposite the BC rink of Andrew Bilesky.  Randy and the guys had the hammer and used it to take this contest to a final score of 7-2.  Later Friday afternoon, WFG’s own “Kings of Canadian Curling” faced Sean Geall’s rink, also based in BC.  The Ferbeys used the hammer and a four rock score in the sixth end to take this game to a 7-3 victory. 

Saturday saw another early start for the WFG-sponsored curling team against McEwen’s rink out of Manitoba.  The 8 am start was very agreeable for the Ferbey 4, as a four rock score in the second end slid the way to a 7-2 victory.  Unfortunately, the Ferbeys’ second match of the day would see them lose to Kevin Koe, a fellow Albertan rink, by a score of 7-3. 

On Sunday, the men in the dapper WFG curling shirts started their day in the early afternoon opposite Ted Appleman’s rink.  The fellow Albertans made things very close for the Ferbey 4, but in the end, Appleman brought a win to their house by a score of 7-5.   

A few hours later, Randy and the guys took brooms in hand to face Jeff Richard’s rink out of BC.  And, thanks to the hammer, the Ferbeys won 6-4 in eight ends.  But in their final match of the W.C.C., the WFG Ferbey 4 drew the fellow Edmonton rink of Kevin Martin who swept the Ferbeys out of the tournament with an 8-3 win. 

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