You wouldn’t think a cactus would be something seen related to curling.  But no one thought to tell that to the curling club in Brooks, AB, who recently hosted the 2009 Cactus Pheasant Classic over the Halloween weekend.  Among those participating were the WFG-sponsored curling rink of Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer and Marcel Rocque, better known as the Ferbey 4.


The Ferbeys started Thursday morning opposite the rink of Thomas Dufour from Chamonix, France.  While Thomas’s rink had the hammer, Randy and the guys slid to a 7-3 victory in six ends.  Later that day our WFG curling team slid against Sean Geall of New Westminster, BC.  For this match, the Ferbey 4 had the hammer and used it in their 7-2 win in five ends.

On Friday, the Ferbey 4 continued their round robin play with their first opponent being Niklas Eden’s rink from Karlstad, Sweden.  The men in the WFG curling shirts had and used the hammer in a very close match, needing eight ends to achieve a 7-6 win. 

With a 3-0 record in the round robin, Randy and the guys earned a berth in the quarter finals, played on Halloween night.  Their quarter final opponent was the rink of Rui Liu from Harbin, China.  Although the Ferbey 4 had the hammer, they needed extra ends to slide to a 6-5 win.

Advancing to the semi-finals, the WFG-sponsored Ferbery 4 were up against the rink of Kevin Martin, the Ferbey’s cross-town rival.  Despite having the hammer and an early lead, Kevin’s rink slid past the Ferbeys to win 7-4.

But take heart, Ferbey fans:  our World Financial Group-sponsored curling rink will next see action next weekend at the Red Deer Classic.  Keep reading here for all the latest on WFG’s, and your, favorite curling team.

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