The World Financial Group-sponsored curling rink, the Ferbey 4, participated in The Swiss Chalet National tournament this past weekend in Guleph, ON.  Randy, David, Scott and Marcel were more than ready to throw rocks in this tournament, considered a part of the “Grand Slam of Curling”, after the Roar of the Rings.

Their first opponent was Sean Geall’s rink out of New Westminster, BC.  Although Sean had the hammer, the Ferbey 4 only needed six ends to take this match 8-3.  Later that day, our guys in the WFG curling shirts took on Kerry Burtnyk’s rink from Winnipeg.  Kerry had the hammer and used it to slide to a 9-3 win over the Ferbey rink.

This wasn’t the end for our team, however.  The next day, the Ferbey 4 faced David Murdoch from Scotland.  Randy, David, Scott and Marcel had the hammer and used it to win by a score of 7-2 in five ends.  On a roll, our rink later that day faced Jason Gunnlaugson’s rink from Beausejour, MB.  Once again, the Ferbey team had the hammer and only needed six ends to win 6-1.

In their last match of the Round Robin, our WFG-sponsored curling rink faced Brad Gushue from St. John’s, Newfoundland.  This match needed all eight ends, but Randy and the guys eked out a 6-5 win which landed them in the quarterfinals.

Their quarterfinal opponent was Wayne Middaugh out of Toronto.  Wayne’s rink had the hammer, but the Ferbey 4 only needed seven ends to win 7-5.  In this match, David scored the best accuracy with 83% among both teams.

The semifinals featured the fellow Edmonton rink of Kevin Koe as the Ferbey 4’s opponent.  In a back and forth affair, Randy led his rink to a 7-5 victory despite Kevin having the hammer.  David and Marcel tied for best accuracy with an impressive 96%!

This led to a final match, broadcast on CBC, opposite their former opponent Brad Gushue.  The match was very evenly based, with Randy holding the hammer.  However, Brad’s rink scored two rocks in the eighth end to win The National by a score of 6-4.  Among the Ferbey 4, Marcel had the best accuracy with 88%.

Take heart, Ferbey fans, as the World Financial Group-sponsored “Kings of Canadian Curling” will play the Casino Rama Skins Game.  Last year, the Ferbey 4 won this match outright and they hope to repeat as champions.  Look for more coverage of our favorite curling rink right here at

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