World Financial Group Executive Vice Chairman Andy Nguyen along his wife and business partner Linh hosted their team’s 2011 Kickoff event on January 21-23 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.  Andy and Lynn chose 2011 to be “The Year of Focus” with an emphasis on double digit monthly recruiting goals to help lead WFG closer to its “100K in 2K11” recruiting goal.  When asked why this event was important for her team, Andy and Linh stated “It is very important to hold our New Year Event to set the direction, the tone and the action plan [for our team] to achieve the new goals for the new year.”

Senior Marketing Director Aiping Shao from Columbus, Ohio, called it an excellent meeting. To reach Atlantic City, she and 15 of her teammates had to battle winter weather on a 15-hour drive, but it was worth the effort as they had heard from great leaders including WFG President and CEO Joe DiPaola, Agency Chairman Ed Mylett, Executive Vice Chairmen Jeff Levitan and John Shin, CEO Marketing Director Paul Hart and author Patrick Kelly.  From the meeting, Aiping took away “a great energy for my team and myself to overcome challenges so we can help WFG achieve its goal of 100,000 recruits in 2011.”  

The event drew close to 1,200 attendees, coming from as near as the East Coast to as far away as the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, one of WFG’s provider companies in attendance likened the event to a mini-convention. And, as is done at WFG’s annual convention, Andy and Linh took an opportunity to recognize their team’s top performers.  

Two associates that were recognized are WFG newcomers Dianee Alexander and her partner Eric Altarac from Flushing, NY.  Having joined WFG four months ago, Dianee and Eric qualified for Andy and Linh’s “Elite Circle” in their first week and graduated with honors.  Dianee and Eric were inspired to join WFG “to help people regardless of where they live [and] to help families save money.”  They were honored for the recognition of their hard work as Eric said, “[I] can’t believe anything can top that!”   

Other WFG associates recognized were Senior Associate Dang Le for personal recruiting and CEO MD Micky Nguyen for overall recruiting.  Dang, who joined WFG 13 months ago, was amazed by the event, saying that he had never been in a business where its leaders “[have a] compassion and want you to succeed.”   

Micky, a seasoned WFG field leader, thought the team meeting was the best he’d attended but said that the speakers made him realize that “WFG is currently at the best it has ever been, but we are not even close to the best we can be.”

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  1. I am very pround of you in what you are doing in WFG. I hope to talk to you one day.
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