During the week of October 15, 2012, the WFG hosted the Field Office Operations Summit (FOOS), Red Carpet Day and SMD Academy at the home office in Johns Creek, GA. During the three separate events, associates, field office managers and other guests attend training, tour home office building and learn more about the company and how the home office supports them.


FOOS, which is the first to kick off the week, was a two-day event that provides leaders the opportunity to learn more about the WFG Operations groups that provide daily business support. The Red Carpet Day that followed the FOOS opens the doors of the home office to associates and guests to attend a WFG business presentation, meet with WFG field and executive leaders as well as tour the home office building. The final two days conclude with the bi-annual SMD Academy. Recognizing them for their hard work to achieve their promotions this field leadership position, SMDs of the company are invited to attend this event to receive training from top WFG field leaders and company executives.



The three events hosted attendees from the United States and Canada. Top Executive speakers included WFG President and CEO, Joe DiPaola, Chairman of the WFG Board of Directors, Jack Linder, WFG Board of Directors Member, Rich Thawley and the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Mineck.


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