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On February 6 and 7, the WFG of Canada home office hosted the Field Office Managers Summit (FOMS) in Toronto, ON.  The two-day event included more than 60 Branch Office Managers and Office Administrators from across the country who received training, toured the home office building, and learned about the company’s  internal processes and how the home office supports them.

World Financial Group CanadaGuest speakers included product providers Al Stoner of B2B Bank and Kelly Macdonald of AON Risk Solutions.  Teresa Tang-Wong , an EVC with WFG, WFG President’s Council Member, and Branch Manager provided a powerful speech on how to build and run a strong and successful branch office.  The event was also attended by several representatives from the U.S. home office including John Joseph, Chief Administrative Officer, Andrew Schaad, AVP of Administration, and Debra Richardson, Director of Licensing and Associate Services.

Branch Manager, Eronaldo De Souza of Toronto attended the Summit and was very pleased with it.  “This event was the most informative, interactive event ever,” he said. “Offering the ability to answer all questions I could ever think of was amazing. I hope these are held more often to keep us in the know and updated at all times. The tours were fabulous, along with being able to put faces to the names, and to see how much work is put toward the business behind the scenes to accomplish our mission from such a small group is wonderful. Thank you to all the dedicated individuals and all the excitement they share for the business!”

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  1. We are watching curling, the Canadian Scotties, you promote your compan as a north american and ONLY show the usa country.
    This is a special Canadian event. Can you not acknolege the country you are promoting your product.

    A Canadian curler

    Thanks muchly

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