ABOVE: Kaitlyn Lawes is  a natural in  the skip position for the Jones team

Photograph by: Brian Donogh, Winnepeg Sun

Team Jennifer Jones continues to execute strength in this year’s curling season even as their Skip, Jennifer Jones, recovers from knee surgery and prepares for the birth of her new baby. Standing in for Jones is two-time Canadian Junior Champ, Kaitlyn Lawes, who led the team to defeat Stefanie Lawton of Saskatchewan 8-5 on October 20, 2012 and qualify for the Manitoba Lotteries Women’s Curling playoff round.

Jones continues to support the team from home as they play through their current circuit. “I’m not a nervous watcher. They are fantastic players, so it’s been a good experience for me to stay off the ice to watch, and for them as well.”

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