When you hear the word “Brooklyn,” the first thing you think of is the image of the Brooklyn Bridge.  But there is an older and more venerable organization than the famous bridge –Brooklyn Community Services (BCS). Founded in 1866, BCS helps children and families through many social service programs including job training and placement, support for persons with mental health issues and physical disabilities, homemaker services, and family day care.  Giving back to the community is what BCS is all about and World Financial Group’s (WFG) EMD Fradel Barber wanted to be a part of that – by volunteering her time and services.  For her efforts this WFG associate is being honored at this non-profit’s 145th anniversary celebration on May 19, 2011.

A lifelong Brooklyn resident, World Financial Group (WFG) EMD Fradel Barber first heard about Brooklyn Community Services through a client.  Fradel discovered that BCS was “a ‘behind the scenes’ organization doing what needs to be done to help families.”  She saw a striking similarity between what World Financial Group does for families financially and the work being done by BCS in other areas.  She also discovered that the BCS sets high goals and accomplishes them. 

Earlier this year, Fradel attended a “Breakfast of Champions” event and met some of the people that received assistance from BCS.  “I was amazed when I heard their stories, about how little hope they had.  One adult in particular would be considered unwelcome in the workforce due to a particular disability.  Now, thanks to BCS, he lives a fairly normal life and is gainfully employed.”

Fradel assists Brooklyn Community Services in both marketing and fundraising, putting her experience with World Financial Group to excellent use.  “[When] you have success in WFG, there’s a sense of good marketing.  We can get the word out there to help those who need it, and that brings together other people who can help … this helps everybody.”  Recently, she and several people from her World Financial Group (WFG) team attended a BCS 360° presentation, which provides potential volunteers with a tour of the BCS facilities and their programs, causing some of her WFG teammates to become BCS volunteers.

For her fundraising and marketing efforts for the non-profit, Fradel has been selected as an honoree at the Brooklyn Community Services 145th Anniversary Celebration. Her co-honorees include Lowell Hawthorne, the President and CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill, and The Honorable Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of the City of New York.  When asked how it felt to be honored along with the New York City Mayor, Fradel found it to be “a huge honor and quite surreal.  I never thought that something like this would happen in the scope of where I am today.”

If you’d like to learn more about Brooklyn Community Services, visit their website at www.wearebcs.org.  To find information about World Financial Group, including how to become an associate, please visit www.wfgopportunity.com.

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