A crime victim may feel many things in the aftermath of their horrendous experience: anger, helplessness and fear. The person may feel isolated and frustrated when working with medical personnel and law enforcement regarding their unfortunate experience.  However, thanks to an organization in Philadelphia, Pa., victims now have a place to turn to – the Center City Criminal Victim Services (CCCVS). And a World Financial Group (WFG) associate has found a way to give back to his local community as a volunteer with this organization.

World Financial Group (WFG) EMD Yingzhang Lin has volunteered his services with CCCVS for more than 10 years.  Originally from China, Lin earned a PhD. in Chemistry from Beijing University in 1987 and, before joining World Financial Group he was an assistant professor at Temple University. An advocate for safety awareness, Lin primarily assists those crime victims who need help reaching the various organizations in both Mandarin Chinese and English to help make their lives whole again.  In addition to his work at CCCVS, he was one of the initial founders of the Philadelphia Chinatown Watch Group, formed in 2006.

For his long-time work with this organization, Lin received the first CCCVS Community Engagement and Enrichment award on February 25, 2011. “CCCVS is a great organization with a group of great people,” says Lin. “I am also so proud to be an associate with WFG as our associates do great things for our clients and our society.”

Founded in 1989, CCCVS provides support and assistance in and outside the courtroom to victims and witnesses of crime primarily in Center City, Philadelphia. The two primary services the organization offers are Courtroom Advocacy, in which CCCVS advocates work as a liaison between the victim or witness and the District Attorney, helping to explain to the victim/witness the court proceedings These advocates can also accompany victims through the criminal justice system by helping to track the case, file protection orders and affidavits and/or file claim restitution. CCCVS also works with the Pennsylvania Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP), to assist crime victims in proving compensation for such things as medical expenses, loss of wages if work is missed, funeral expenses and recovery of Social Security or Disability funds.   CCCVS also provides crisis support and counseling on a short-term basis.  Presentations of services can be provided in English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

If you want to learn more about this great organization, please visit their website at www.cccvs.org.  And to learn more about World Financial Group, visit www.worldfinancialgroup.com

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