Recognition of your good works in the community is always appreciated.  But when your World Financial Group (WFG) colleague prompts this recognition, it takes on even more significance.

World Financial Group (WFG) associate Alice Lebert of Langley, British Columbia, nominated her business mentor, WFG associate Marlise Kelsey, for the Vancouver Women of Worth “WOW of Business & Prosperity” award.  In Alice’s nomination letter, shared with WFG Review, Alice says that she submitted Marlise’s name for the award “because she is a greatbusiness leader who teaches prosperity every day – from both a personal and financial perspective.”  Alice says that Marlise’s desire to educate everyday people on how to apply strategies to help them protect their wealth was what inspired Alice to become a WFG associate. Additionally, she says, “Marlise’s authenticity is really what makes her such a beautiful being.”  Alice also wrote in the letter that Marlise “has dared me to dream again, and then showed me how to realize my dreams.”

World Financial Group SMD Alice Lebert

The Vancouver WOW Awards were hosted at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on May 7.  Thanks in part to Alice’s nomination; Marlise received that WOW of Business & Prosperity award. Marlise told WFG Review she was honored to be “recognized as a business owner leading my community in an ethical and inspiring way.  World Financial Group has allowed me to be a stronger woman and help influence my community, not only on the financial side, but also by becoming a stronger citizen in my community.”

Additionally, she shared with WFG Review some of what she said when she accepted the award. “When I was little, my mother raised me to understand what the word ‘philanthropy’ meant.  From that, I understood that I needed to be able to make money in order to give it away.  WFG has given me the platform to start doing just that.” 

Marlise has been a WFG business owner since 2004. In 2008, she opened a branch in Langley, British Columbia.


World Financial Group SMD Marlise Kelsey and husband Geoff.

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