World Financial Group (WFG) associates help people each day learn the basic financial fundamentals.  Usually, the meeting takes place across the kitchen table from the client, but World Financial Group SMD Lisa Sandlin has taken her financial basics “lessons” to the classroom, and, since last fall has been volunteering with the Junior Achievement club at Talawanda High School in Oxford, Ohio.

Lisa was re-introduced to her high school thanks to a fellow member of the Fairfield, Ohio Chamber of Commerce and, after learning that the curriculum at Talawanda High included an economics course that taught such concepts as the “Rule of 72”, she volunteered to teach for Junior Achievement.

“I have found a great way to give back to my community,” states Sandlin.  “I am currently teaching a five class finance course with the organization.  [I’ve found it] to be a great opportunity and [it] has opened up doors to meet new people in the community.”  In her course, she has introduced financial techniques that have been well received by both students and teachers.

Sandlin is no stranger to teaching. She holds degrees in design and architecture, and has taught at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as well as the University of Cincinnati.

We at WFG Gives Back asked Ms. Sandlin if her high school had changed since she was a student there.  According to her, although parts of the building have undergone renovations, it really hadn’t changed much at all. “I took a nostalgia tour my first day of class and couldn’t believe how little it had changed.  The wing I am teaching in still has the same classroom structure as it did 34 years ago,” she says.

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