World Financial Group associates are independent business owners who help families build a better and sounder financial future. To reach out to more individuals and families, WFG recognizes the need to expand its business into areas where it’s not prevalent. One such associate, SMD Cynthia Frunzi, saw such an opportunity and opened her own office in Red Bank, NJ.

Cynthia tells WFG Review the decision to open her office was an easy one. “The need for what we do for families in Red Bank is huge.  There is nobody servicing the many hard-working middle-income families of this community,” she says. She notes that prior to her office opening, the nearest WFG office was 90 minutes away.

When WFG Review asked Cynthia what the greatest challenge was that she had to overcome to start her business, she noted, “That would be ‘the great unknown’, actually.  I’d never really done anything like this before.”

But World Financial Group is known for a company where an associate is in business for herself, but not by herself. Remembering this, Cynthia reached out to several of WFG’s top field leaders for advice on how to open an office. She cites the World Financial Group leadership — including associates John Shin and Sean Ragland, both from California, Fradel Barber in New York, Andy Nguyen from Maryland, her upline, Michael Stokes of New Jersey, and especially her mentor, Jeff Levitan, located in Georgia — in helping her determine what she needed to do to open her new office.

So, what is Cynthia’s advice to those wanting to open WFG offices of their own?  “Just go for it.  We have great leadership who want to see us succeed.”

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