Here’s a thought: modern science has created artificial limbs and advanced how we understand neurological diseases, but one thing that modern science has yet to create is something that can replace human blood.

“There is no substitute for human blood,” says Mary Brallier of Fenwal Inc.  “There is nothing can replace human blood other than red blood cells, human plasma and platelets.”  And with there always a need for boosting the supply of blood, World Financial Group (WFG) hosted a blood drive at the Corporate Headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga. On Thurs., Aug. 21, a mobile LIFESouth Community Blood Center arrived at the office building to take donations from our employees — and they could donate the “old fashioned way” or via a new, “high-tech” kind method.

The WFG Corporate Headquarters had two ALYX Machines, manufactured by Fenwal Inc., available on site. The machine performs a process known as a “double cell donation” in which donors have their blood taken, separated and returned. According to NeQuita Fuller, Donor Service Trainer with LIFESouth, “[The machine] takes out a certain percentage of blood at a time.  Then, the blood then enters a centrifuge and is separated into red blood cells and plasma.  After the items are separated, your blood is returned to the body along with a volume of saline.”

Several WFG employees donated for various reasons. Sonia Tross, from Licensing, told WFG Gives Back, “I donated blood because I know there’s a shortage out there. I recently had a baby and I had to receive blood after the delivery. I want to make sure there’s enough blood available for those who need it.”

Changpeng Douangpraseuth, from the Accounting Department, noted, “I wanted to do something to help save a life.” Trevor Skeene, of Licensing, who donated double blood cells, echoed a similar sentiment, “Donating a pint of blood can help save six people’s lives.  I thought that was a good reason.”

Ann Appuzo, of the Commissions Department, explained that she donates because she knows there’s a need for her blood type. “I like to help people and I have a rare blood type, so I like to give when I can.”  This WFG Gives Back blogger also donated double blood cells to help those in need because it’s, quite simply, the right thing to do.

But one reason for donating resonated with WFG Gives Back. According to NeQuita, “You have to give back because that’s the only way life is going to continue.  It’s and it doesn’t take any money or time.  Just get a little needle prick and you’ll give back immeasurably.”If you’d like to donate blood through LIFESouth, visit their website at  The demand for blood donations is always there, especially during the summer months.

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