On May 18, 2011, World Financial Group (WFG) hosted a Red Carpet Day at the company’s corporate headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga.  Close to 200 people attended this exciting event designed to, as WFG Executive Marketing Director* Lou Garcia puts it, “Show the resources behind what makes WFG so great.”

Over 100 WFG associates and their guests attended the three-hour event.  Speakers included WFG Chairman of the Board Jack Linder, Joe DiPaola, President and CEO of World Financial Group, Inc., WFG Executive Vice Chairmen* (EVCs) Tom Mathews and Scott Childress, and WFG CEO Marketing Directors* Jeff and Marcy Blochowiak. A highlight of Red Carpet Day was a World Financial Group business presentation led by EVC Jeff Levitan.  When WFG Review asked Jeff why Red Carpet Day is important to World Financial Group (WFG) he said, “It really gives attendees a bigger picture of the leadership experience at the company’s headquarters.”  Jeff also noted that the event offers a chance for attendees to meet the field and company leadership and gives the opportunity for current associates to be reintroduced to the WFG opportunity.

Another highlight of Red Carpet Day was the tour of the WFG Corporate Headquarters building.  Several attendees took advantage of the tour and some even had a chance to chat with Jack Linder one-on-one.

WFG Review spoke with some of the attendees to get their thoughts on the event.  Associate* Dennis Hickman of Augusta, Ga. told WFG Review, “Red Carpet Day resold me the dream.”  He recommends Red Carpet Day to anyone wanting to see the vision of WFG.

Mark Walden, also from Augusta, brought some new team members so they could have a clearer vision of the company.  Additionally, he said, “Red Carpet Day was a chance to find my personal GPS as far as my finances are concerned.”

For Alan Carlson of Charlotte, N.C., this was his first time attending a WFG Red Carpet Day.  He found the experience to be very informative and thought it was great to hear from the leadership of our company.  He also told WFG Review that he had never experienced anything like this in corporate America.  “I like the foundation and crusade to help people get a financial education as well as help others,” he said.

To learn more about the World Financial Group opportunity, visit www.wfgopportunity.com (in the United States) or www.wfgopportunity.ca (in Canada).  Stay tuned for more information on the next WFG Red Carpet Day and other WFG events right here on WFG Review.

*Associate, Executive Marketing Director, CEO Marketing Directors and Executive Vice Chairman are World Financial Group field positions.All associates of World Financial Group are independent contractors, regardless of field title/designation.


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