A World Financial Group (WFG) associate opens an office in a new WFG location for many reasons: to provide products and services to people living in an underserved location or because the office space has become too small for their burgeoning business. For WFG associate Vickie Vongphakdy of Richmond, Va., it’s a bit of both.

“I helped associates Juan Covarrubias and Lourdes Belarmino open an office. But it was only 600 square feet, and we outgrew it quickly,” Vickie tells WFG Review. So she started to scout other locations in the Richmond area and found one in the middle of three prominent Virginia cities.

“We decided to open a new office right in the middle of three cities in Virginia; Richmond, Midlothian and Chesterfield.  The office is in a very visible location and will service all these areas well,” she says.

The office, located at 10415 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, Va., is in a 1,500 square foot facility and has three offices for meeting clients, a training room and a larger meeting for WFG business presentations.  In fact, the first business presentation meeting at this new location took place on July 20, where many local residents were introduced to the opportunity offered by World Financial Group as well as the company’s mission — to help create and protect wealth for families.

WFG Review asked Vickie about the experience of opening the new office.  “It’s a little scary,” Vickie says, laughing.  “But it’s also quite exciting at the same time. Even though I was unsure if we could open an office here, my senior marketing director, Chat Chau, and CEO Marketing Director, Micky Nguyen, really encouraged me to open it.”

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