The Helping 100,000 Families in 100 Days campaign was a major World Financial Group (WFG) initiative, and the efforts of so WFG’s independent associates played a key role in its success. The momentum created by this campaign was great, remaining sustained throughout the campaign and beyond. It was exciting to see WFG and its associates so united behind a common cause: helping families.

The original goal of helping 1,000 families a day for 100 sustained days was extraordinary ambitious and, by the end of the 100-day campaign, WFG associates had helped 84,171 families. This amazing result — and the outstanding performance that so many associates put forth — deserves recognition. Therefore, in addition to the ads placed in November issues of Forbes and Canadian Business advertisements, an ad was also placed in the December 4, 2012 issue of the Los Angeles Times, which includes the names of all associates who helped 25 or more families.

Helping people is part of WFG’s DNA, it is one of the company’s core values and is an integral part of the WFG culture. The commitment and dedication shown by WFG associates to improve the lives of so many people through our products, services and opportunity is inspiring. We hope that the energy created by this campaign will help spur our associates to help thousands of additional families realize their financial goals.

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