Young people may be trying to save for the future.

Creating a financial strategy can be tough at times, and it takes some practice and discipline in order for it to work out. However, young people may not be struggling as much as some in the older generation, and taking time to not repeat mistakes may be a good idea.

More than one-third of those in Generation X who are employed may have to use some of their savings for retirement for bills and debts not related to their retirement goal, according to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Gen X employees are in a unique financial situation,” said Kent Allison, partner and national practice leader of PwC’s employee financial education practice. “They’re often faced with the full spectrum of financial issues – from having to fund children’s education to caring for aging parents – while dealing with day-to-day household expenses.”

Retirement is a challenge for many people in this age group, which ranges for those who were born at any point from the 1960s until the first part of the 1980s.  Approximately 35 percent of this group noted they will be able to retire when the time comes.

One of the biggest hurdles for young people to realize their savings aspirations is to cut down on debt. A report from Wells Fargo noted that more than half of those Millennials polled felt that their financial planning was hindered by debt at present.

Even with this in mind, there may be some positive aspects coming from this generation. The report added that more than 60 percent explained they are regularly saving as part of their budget.

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